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diffuser combos

oils in the starter kit!

We use about 10 drops total in the diffuser, but never really count. Diffuse in an open space or 20 minutes before kids go to bed in their rooms.

+ Seasons Changing: 3 drops each Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint
+ Breathe Easy: 5 drops each Lemon + R.C.
+ Calm Tummy: 5 drops each Peppermint + Digize
+ Good Vibes: 5 drops each Lemon + Purification
+ Chill Out the Negative Vibrations: 5 drops each Frank + Stress Away
+ Boost Yo Immunity: 5 drops each Thieves + R.C.
+ Morning Boost: 5 drops each Thieves + Lemon
+ Surf the Serenity: 5 drops each Stress Away + Copaiba
+ Evening Unwind: 5 drops each Lavender + Stress Away

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