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5 ml Lemongrass Essential Oil (ER exclusive)

- Lemongrass is known as for its purification and support of everything from a healthy gut to healthy veins. It is also prime ligament and connective tissue support. If you've worn out those joints and limbs working so hard to keep you up and going, this oil may be just the restart you're looking for.

15 ml Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil (ER exclusive)

- Besides the many physical effects of stress, there is also the emotional factor of physical stress. This amazing, refreshing oil is your key to unlocking that emotion. Apply daily as you work on releasing that stress from your body and reminding yourself of the truth that life is fun and you can choose to be free from carrying that weight. Breathe lighter both inwardly and outwardly as you diffuse and inhale this respiratory and emotionally supporting oil.

15 ml Wintergreen Essential Oil

- Wintergreen is famous for its ability to decrease stress on the cardiovascular system and to support healthy blood pressure levels as well as to provide stressed muscles relief. This can relieve pressure on your entire body as you find your blood flowing freely which brings life and health to the entire body and leaves energy to be spent on other activities.

Perfect for the Candy Hearts diffuser combo: 5 drops Wintergreen 5 drops Orange

5 ml Palo Santo Essential Oil

- You may not be familiar with this one…and you may be missing out. From the same family as frankincense, Palo Santo has been used for centuries as a calming oil used for purification and times of spiritual focus. Sometimes when we are worn down, it is time to clean house emotionally. Palo Santo helps us in resetting the emotional pattern of feeling in limbo, anguish, or obliteration. Where we've been worn down to our core and need to choose to trust, feel, contribute and be seen again.

5 ml PanAway Essential Oil

- The best friend of our tired muscles and strained necks, what is less commonly known is this oil's emotional connection to the feeling of being exhausted. You know when the exhaustion isn't a need to sleep but something coming from your very core where only tears relieve it? That is the emotion of exhaustion. Apply your PanAway and choose the truth that you nurture yourself. This is a new year and you are going to reset to better habits that leave you full of energy!

PLUS, at the 300 PV tier, 40 Essential Rewards applied to your account by the 20th of the following month to use on the product of your choice! Splurge on that Sensation Massage Oil, anyone?


We love Essential Rewards! This is hands down one of the best and most affordable ways to fill your home with oils, supplements, bath products and green cleaning supplies. We love this budget-friendly service that you can cancel anytime. We call it "Christmas every month."

Just go into your virtual office:

- Click on Essential Rewards
- Add products (does not have to be a package, order anything you like each month)
- Pick ship date (you can change every month)
- Click save until it says "Congratulations you have completed your Essential Rewards order."

- Make sure to use your points before they expire!

To  cancel your membership you must call customer service 1-800-371-3515. Make sure to redeem your ER points first!