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DIY Outdoor Spray

ashley cribb

With warmer weather (and summer vacations!) right around the corner, we are prepping for safe fun in the sun! One of our favorite oily DIYs is an Outdoor Spray. Chemical free, effective and smells great? Sign us up!

To make your Outdoor Spray, grab a 4oz glass spray bottle and add:
4T alcohol-free Witch Hazel
30 total drops essential oils (more oils = stronger spray)
 - 10 drops Citronella
 - 10 drops Geranium
 - 5 drops Lavender
 - 5 drops Purification
Optional: additional 5 drops Eucalyptus + 5 drops Peppermint
Fill with V-6 or fractionated coconut oil

Spray generously onto skin and rub in slightly to enjoy the outdoors annoyance-free! If you need a stronger spray, add more essential oils, up to a total of 50 drops! 

You can also also add a few drops of citronella and/or purification to patio umbrellas, hammock and hammock swing, outdoor pillows, shoes and other absorptive materials around the outdoor spaces to stay annoyance-free!

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