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Dream Balm

lesley graham

I'm sure we could all use a few more dreams, right?! Here's a recipe for a Dream Balm using some of our kit oils + a few others. This blend uses essential oils that are both relaxing but also wonderful for peaceful dreams and creative visualization. You can also use for any head/neck tension or as a hand, foot, nail and lip balm!

Dream Balm

You will need:

+ 5 T coconut oil
+ 1 T beeswax
+ 1 T cocoa butter
+ 20 drops Orange oil
+ 20 drops Tangerine oil
+ 15 drops Geranium oil
+ 15 drops Lavender oil
+ 10 drops Bergamot oil
+ 4 drops Rose oil (optional)

Combine all oils minus the essential oils over low heat in a double broiler until liquid. Stir and allow to cool and then add the essential oils. Pour into a glass jar and lightly cover with a paper towel until hardened (about 15 min). Use within 6 months. Citrus scents evaporate quickly so use sooner for best results.

Apply under your nose, on the throat, temples, chest, back or on the soles of your feet. Inhale deeply.

Would also make an amazing diffuser blend! Just sayin'!

Recipe adapted from Organic Body Care Recipes