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Travel with your Kit!

lesley graham

New to oils? Here are some ways to travel with your kit. Let's get started.

Can I fly with my oils? 100% YES! We like to carry them on to apply during the flight (ahhh!) and make sure your tops are screwed on tight. Flying internationally? Place them in a clear ziplock bag.

Make sure to pack your diffuser (we also LOVE the Orb diffuser for travel - spill-proof and doesn't take up much room)! Here are some of our favorite starter kit blends.

In a glass water bottle (how cute is this one?!) stay hydrated and refreshed with a drop of Lemon or Peppermint. Something not sitting right? Add a drop of Digize to Peppermint (more about these oils here).

Make a Thieves roller for immune boosting super powers! Use consistently on the bottoms of your feet before travel and all during. If you start to feel yucky roll down the spine as well.

Thieves Roller

Fill roller ball 1/4 of the way with Thieves oil and then top with carrier oil! More rollers with your kit here. We recommend the Head On roller for flights and Tummy Calmer to have on hand! The Breathe Easy is also a favorite.

Make an after-sun spray with Lavender, Peppermint and Copaiba.

You will need:

+ ½ cup witch hazel or water
+ 2 Tablespoons pure aloe vera gel
+ 10 drops pure Lavender
+ 10 drops pure Peppermint
+ 5 drops Copaiba
+ 4 oz (or larger) spray bottle

Combine all ingredients and shake! Spray on for instant cooling and healing. 

Motion Sickness? We love to diffuse Peppermint in the car, you can also place a few drops on a clothes pin and clip it to the vents!