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Mandy McMenamin

instagram: @gingerlyblessedessentials


Hey there!  I am so blessed to be the wife of an amazing man named Joe and mother of two amazing boys, Cooper and Crosby.  I share my time between running my own small dog spa out of my home and spending quality time with my boys!  My husband and I are using the many benefits of Young Living daily to help improve the health and wellness of our precious family and to maintain a clean and toxic-free home for us to live in.  We have already seen quite an improvement in our overall health thanks to these amazing oils and supplements.  I have found the community that we belong to is the sweetest spot of our oily journey.  Life-long support, love, faith, and friendships keep me going strong.  I have learned so much already and am so excited to be sharing these golden drops with you!  Best piece of advice I can give you… join the Golden Drop Society!  We want to help you every step of the way on your oily journey to wellness! 

As soon as you are ready, click here to start your journey to wellness!  I will be with you every step of the way!