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We are so thrilled that you are here! Whether you are a loved current member of GDS or are wanting to get started, you are at the right place! We will walk you through some helpful info and get you on your way to being completely comfortable with using your oils like the rock star that you are. You will soon be just as obsessed with using your oils as we are. Here are a couple of our favorite ways to get started:



Hello! We would LOVE to have you join our tribe. At the Golden Drop Society we believe in lifting each other up and supporting one another with exclusive classes, ongoing education and fun! To pick your leader you can click here or click here to learn more about oils + what we do!


I have my oils, now what?!

You can get started using your kit right away with our exclusive 21 Day Starter Kit challenge + "I Have My Oils, Now What?!" We created these just for you!

essential rewards

We love Essential Rewards and highly recommend it! Just got your kit and ready to re-order? Click here to find out the best way to order with our free rewards program!