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Mixer Quick Start

First of all... welcome!!! Congrats on making your first step towards an incredible adventure. The Golden Drop Society is all about empowering business owners to pursue both professional and personal freedom. We are here to help you achieve that and more! Make sure you join the Golden Mixer for ongoing love and support.

First steps for getting started:

  • Create a personal sign up link that you can shorten and add to social media profiles and to text and emails. See how here. We recommend for shortening or All it takes to share is this link and explaining the benefits of wholesale! 
  • Get to know your kit. You want to be a product of the product and 99% of new Young Living members begin with a Premium Starter kit and you want to be able to share it comfortably with others. We recommend the KISSED presentation for classes and coffee dates. 
  • Enroll in Essential Rewards. A 100 PV order on Essential Rewards each month guarantees ALL of your commissions and bonuses! Next sign up for PV Assistant to ensure you never drop below if something goes out of stock!
  • Add Oily Tools to your phone.!! You will get back in stock notifications, hourly commission updates and new ranker announcements as well as tons of amazing statistics on your business!
  • Get to know your Virtual Office. We recommend checking once in the am and once in the pm to make sure all of your members are taken care of and so that you don't miss exciting things like new ranks!
  • Understand how to structure your business. This is crucial! You want six "managers" of all of your members that you place your new members within the first FIVE levels of their team to help them hit ranks, build momentum and to get your members the proper support they need. Watch the video here. You have five days to move new members via live chat and 20 days via
  • Set up Direct Deposit

Ready to go in depth? Walk through our mentorship here! Reach out to your sponsor with any questions.