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Hello! I am daughter of the King -- seeking to serve Him in every aspect of my life! I have been blessed with a beautiful marriage with my husband of 37 years. We have 3 grown children and several grandchildren.

I discovered essential oils when I was unexpectedly thrust into a breast cancer/mastectomy journey. Lavender was my only oil and it provided a calm and relaxing therapy through many stages of recovery. Essential Oils was then on my bucket list to explore further. When my friend and sister in Christ, Kristina Carter, jumped into Young Living, God prompted me to search out this avenue. I was thoroughly amazed and have been wholeheartedly ALL-IN ever since!

My husband and I now seek a more natural remedy through oils for so many choices in our life. Plus, we now have a chemical free home! 

I would love to share this journey with you. Click here to get started as a Wholesale Member with the beautiful Premium Kit which includes a diffuser!