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Sharing the right way!!! This is CRUCIAL when sharing online! We need to lead with compliance so that OUR LEADERS, in turn, lead with compliance! 

It is always safe to say what you did with your oils, NOT safe to say what they did for you! 

For example... Compliant: I put two drops of tummygize on my son's stomach this morning. NOT compliant: Stomach bug completely gone after using tummygize on my son's stomach this morning. Also, when sharing on social media, watch your hashtags! 

Avoid these words as well: allergies, cuts and scrapes, depression, anxiety, sleep aids, holistic, apothecary, headaches, cramps, fever, acid reflux, burns, bruises, insect repellent, acid reflux, anti-inflammatory, etc.

Homework: Watch this video on sharing the right way and then read over Young Living's 25 Hot Words. Check out recommended resources for your members: Essential Oils Pocket Reference and Gentle Babies.

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