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Making a Push for a Monthly Goal

Seek out ways to serve those in your group, to serve their needs, to meet their goals, to make them successful.
Classes, classes, classes: 
Online, local, intro, other topics. Whatever it is - classes are where you grow!
Make sure you’re inviting people personally and based on their interests
Make sure your downline know about classes and know how to invite others
Make sure your downline knows you will teach for them.
Attend and take guests to corporate events and other opportunities in your area.
Offer incentives (see below)
You may feel like you’re not ready for this investment yet, but this will make all the difference in seeing growth!
Resources = Success Stories = Testimonies = Sharing = Growth
Give away compliant books for new sign ups, those who set up ER accounts, and those who achieve business goals. 
Give away kits or oils to those who sign up 5 or 10 this month. 
Promise a Zyto scanner or other tool to those who reach a certain rank or OGV
THIS WILL PAY OFF. You are giving tools that help their businesses, and yours, to grow exponentially. Think LONGTERM.

Contact & Follow Up

Are your 1st levels and beyond in the Facebook groups, receiving emails?
Are you checking on your builders? 
Are you encouraging Jumpstart and other building/leadership opportunities?
Are you meeting with beginning builders in person or via FaceTime?
Are you available to your team, even those you don’t know?

As you begin to add members to your team and then have friends that want to join you in the business, before long you will be leading a team! Yay you!! In fact, you are a Golden Drop leader as soon as you enroll your first member. High fives all around! Here are some tips that we think will help you along on your leadership journey. This will look very different for everyone. You have unique gifts and talents that God has given you to help you lead in a way that no one else can. Go on with your bad self.

Think about what you can do to to be a part of the solution!! We like to ride The Energy Bus in GDS. If you haven't read it, we highly recommend it. A positive attitude will completely change and elevate your business to the next level!

Homework: Watch the video above about setting the standard by modeling for your team what it takes to be successful (password: oilsclass) and then take this personality test to see what "color" leader you are!

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