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Get to know your Virtual Office! This is your business at your finger tips. Log in to, find your dashboard and then click on "My Organization." In this view you will be able to see your "downline," which is everyone within your organization. You will be able to see when people enroll, how much their order is, if they are missing commissions, if their ER order didn't process and more! We love being able to see how close our builders are to hitting ranks and a host of other fun things.

Our VO (virtual office) is the HUB of your business. It is where you can place quick orders, modify your essential rewards, check your PV and your team’s OGV, make sure your member’s orders have gone through, check your shipping statuses and MORE! It is crucial that you understand how to use your VO and how to use it to it’s fullest potential! It is very well organized and easy to use, with many resources at your fingertips.

Some helpful things to know when looking at "My Organization" and what is required of each of us, how our team is growing, etc. 

OGV: Overall gross volume (your purchase plus every single person's purchase under you forever.) 

PV: Your personal volume spent. As builders we each need to spend 100 PV (or more) a month. 

In general, PV is equal to dollar amount. You will see some items like diffusers, accessories, etc. are less of a PV value than the dollar amount. 

PGV: This is needed from Silver +. This is the amount of OGV on your FRONT LINE, not in your legs. So, your PV plus anyone else's PV who are not in your two qualifying legs for Silver (2 legs at 4,000). This is required for every rank Silver and up (Gold 3 legs at 6,000 etc!)

Homework: Play around with your Virtual Office after watching these videos and let us know what you have learned!!

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