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Discovering Your “Why” Power! & Income Potential.

Today is one of the most important days in the entire two weeks that you’ll be with us! Once you can dig deep and discover why you are jumping into this business, it opens up a whole new roadway for success!! FIND YOUR WHY: write it down, revisit it often, make a video - THIS is what will keep you anchored through the various seasons of this business! 

What is it that fuels this passion in you?  Is it your desire to pay off debt, quit your job, not have anxiety of your card being declined at the grocery store, being able to afford for your husband to quit his job? The list goes on and on.

YOUR why is going to inspire others and spark dreams in them!!!!

This business is one part staying committed & another part just doing it! We have so many dreams that we hope for and want to accomplish and 50% is just doing it.

Homework: Write your "why" all over the place, sticky notes on your computer, beside your bed, wherever you will see it and be reminded of it often. Watch this video above of Royal Crown Diamond Madison Vining sharing her why at Silver Retreat. Powerful!!

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