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DAY 3.

Welcoming new members!! We are SO passionate about creating a beautiful experience for welcoming our members. Having people join our community and feeling instantly a part of it is our goal with each and every new person that joins the Golden Drop Society. Every person that joins GDS automatically gets this welcome email within a few days. Make sure you also send a mini welcome letter when they enroll!

Step 1: Send mini welcome (see below)

Step 2: Add them to our exclusive facebook group

Step 3: Follow up


sample welcome email

Create a canned response to make life easier (tutorial here) and then change/tailor for each new member.

Welcome example:

Hi Sloan! Thank you so much for your order! Welcome to the Golden Drop Society, I am so excited to help you get started on your oils journey. You will be receiving an email shortly from the Golden Drop Society full of lots of great info!

In the meantime, know that I am here for any questions you may have. I'm also going to add you to our exclusive Golden Drop Society facebook group where you can ask questions, get inspiration and also search in the right hand corner for all sorts of things!

I LOVE Essential Rewards and highly recommend it. This is a totally free loyalty program and you get points on everything you order!

Let me know if you are ever interested in the business! We do a free monthly class on facebook and have tons of great resources, like our business group: Golden Mixer!

Here are some fun classes: password gds15

Our Exclusive Books:

Beauty Book:

Clean Book:

For Kids:

Digital copy for getting started with The Guide:


Can't wait for your oils to arrive!


photo by Golden Dropper @ citrusandpineessentials

photo by Golden Dropper @citrusandpineessentials

We also love welcome kits that include a thank you note (tons of cute branded paper goodies here), small resource and maybe a roller ball or any incentive that you offered them.

Homework: Create a canned response mini welcome letter and tell us what will be in your welcome kit! Print out Leaders Daily Tasks.

BONUS: Check out these other emails: 

+ Interested in Oils Email:
+ Retail to Wholesale Email:

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