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Today we are going to review how to share and then how to enroll someone. There are many ways to share oils with friends and family!! The main thing is to find out what works for you, work within your strengths (not in someone else's strengths) and make your business your own. Our favorite ways to share: 


one on one

This is a Golden Drop favorite! We love having coffee with our favorite people and talking about oils. You can easily bring your kit and host a mini class. Make sure to tell them at the end how to sign up! 

You can also bring your oils to a friend. Wanting to talk to a mama with little ones? Bring some oils + snacks for a morning playdate. Leave her with a roller ball (Stress Away anyone?) and have your computer ready to get your friend started.



You will hear us call them classes or parties. You can host an intimate gathering of friends in your home or you can host an event in a public space or at a booth at your local craft fair. 

Make and Takes. Host a get together and make some things! You can charge a small fee like $10 to cover supplies and they get to take home a few goodies. Add on a mini class at the end to offer people a chance to enroll.



If you want a simple way to share how you are using oils, you can create a specific Instagram account or you can host online classes on Facebook or share via Facebook Live! We live in a social economy so it is so important to use the easy tools we have for growing your business.

We host monthly, exclusive classes through GDS that are great to share with your team.

See our favorite social media tips here.

Gorgeous inspiration from Golden Dropper Jessica Garvin:  Essential Oils Make + Take

Gorgeous inspiration from Golden Dropper Jessica Garvin: Essential Oils Make + Take

Retail vs. Wholesale: If people below you sign up retail: they are paying 24% more and they are missing out on all the amazing team resources, essential rewards and the compensation plan! Our goal is to always get our people the best of the best! A wholesale membership is obtained by starting with the premium starter kit as a wholesale member! They get 24% off of retail as long as they spend 50 PV a year (no requirement to do so after buying the kit unless they want to remain active), as well as all of our resources and the opportunity to participate in selling if they choose.

Homework: Watch how to create your own sign up link above (we recommend using to shorten it for social media) + our Crown Diamond Sera Johnson's KISSED (Keep It Super Simple for Easy Duplication) Presentation. This is our favorite way to teach! BONUS: Watch "The Art of the Close."

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