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Holiday Gift Guide

GDS holiday gift guide!

gds holiday gift guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Here is your guide to all things Holiday Catalog. We are just a little bit excited to be our most festive selves! Grab your favorite warm beverage and check a few gifts off of your list (or treat yourself!!).

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 9.27.25 AM.png


HOORAY! The 2018 Holiday Catalog is HERE and this year, it also includes a Gift Guide!! SO MUCH FUN!!! Click through to see the new products, pricing, and GREAT gift ideas!!!

After you’ve soaked up all of the beauty of the catalog - check your list off below with this simple shopping guide OR click HERE!

Quick SHOP link!!


blissful showers

Citrus Fresh Energizing Shower Steamers

Item No. 25153

Whsl. $19.75

Retail $25.99

PV 19.75

Easy Breeze Awakening Shower Steamers

Item No. 25155

Whsl. $19.75

Retail $25.99

PV 19.75



Item No. 24364

Whsl. $29.75

Retail $39.14

PV 29.75


essential enthusiast

Essence Of The Season Set

Item No. 3118

Whsl. $82

Retail $107.89

PV 82

Resin Burner

Item No. 4880

Whsl. $33.75

Retail $44.41

PV 16.75


festive foodies

Ancient Grain Breakfast Set

Item No. 25513

Whsl. $12.50

Retail $16.45

PV 6.25

Young Living Vitality Culinary Kit

Item No. 24037

Whsl. $84.75

Retail $111.51

PV 75.75


chocolate lovers

Chocolessence Wolfberry Truffles 30 CT.

Item No. 25284

Whsl. $29

Retail $38.16

PV 14.50

Chocolessence Peppermint and Almond Bar

Item No. 21820

Whsl. $4.75

Retail $6.25

PV 3


bright beauties

Savvy Minerals Lip Gloss: Rockin’

Item No. 21954

Whsl. $27.50

Retail $36.18

PV 27.50

Savvy Minerals Sugar and Spice Eyeshadow Set

Item No. 25494

Whsl. $69

Retail $90.79

PV 69


everything nice

Savvy Minerals Everything Nice Eyeshadow Set

Item No. 25495

Whsl. $69

Retail $90.79

PV 69


joyful juniors

Mightykids Set

Item No. 25516

Whsl. $106.50

Retail $140.13

PV 101


cozy holidays

Cozy Holiday Set

Item No. 25518

Whsl. $49

Retail $64.47

PV 49

Holiday Room Spritz

Item No. 22906

Whsl. $19.75

Retail $25.99

PV 10.25


your home spa

Item No. 25517

Whsl. $81.25

Retail $106.91

PV 81.25


diffuse in peace

Northern Lights Set

Item No. 19289

Whsl. $30.50

Retail $40.13

PV 23.75

Dash Away Car Diffuser Set

Items No. 25510

Whsl. $46.50

Retail $61.18

PV 30.75


wellness warriors

Wellness Warrior Set

Item No. 25515

Whsl. $119.25

Retail $156.91

PV 119.25

Healthy Holiday Set

Item No. 25514

Whsl. $62.25

Retail $81.91

PV 62.25


stocking stuffers

Lip Balm Collection

Item No. 25394

Whsl. $16.75

Retail $22.04

PV 16.75

Lava Diffuser Bracelet

Item No. 25609

Retail $19.05


winter glow

Savvy Minerals Unwrapped Lip and Cheek Set

Item No. 25493

Whsl. $85

Retail $111.84

PV 85

Savvy Minerals Countdown Lip and Cheek Set

Item No. 25492

Whsl. $85

Retail $111.84

PV 85


let it glow

Savvy Minerals Let It Glow Lip Gloss Set

Item No. 25505

Whsl. $70

Retail $92.11

PV 66

Savvy Minerals Sleigh Ride Lip Gloss Set

Item No. 25506

Whsl. $70

Retail $92.11

PV 66


furry friends

Cheery Canine Set

Item No. 22920

Whsl. $24.75

Retail $32.57

PV 12.25

Festive Feline Set

Item No. 22914

Whsl. $8.75

Retail $11.51

PV 8.75

Fine print: Details:
*Quick Order: Yes
*Essential Rewards: Available November 1. Members will not be able to redeem any product with ER points, but they will be able to add these products to their ER November 1-December 31, subject to availability.
*NFR: No; we will review the possibility after the first month, including open markets.
*Limits: No
*All products will be available while supplies last. Once they are out of stock, they will not come back.
*Bundles will be available October 6-December 31, or while supplies last.
*All new products, except for the Chocolessence line, are permanent products—subject to availability.
*Einkorn Crackers and Chocolessence will be available soon.

Along with our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, we’re launching a new essential oil blend at the LYPR! The Australian Kuranya blend features Australia-sourced essential oils, including Lemon Myrtle, Kunzea, Blue Cypress, Sandalwood, Fennel, Australian Ericifolia, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Tea Tree. Its uplifting, earthy aroma is great for bringing a breath of fresh outside air into the comfort of your home, office, or car. You can also mix it with your skin care products or massage oil to enhance your skin’s natural radiance!

Item No.: 25673
Size: 5 ml
Wholesale Price: $43.75
Retail Price: $57.57
PV: 43.75
Essential Rewards: Yes
Quick Order: Yes
NFR: Yes

photo by Tracy Ross

photo by Tracy Ross


New members, as well as current members can take advantage of this sale. Current members will want to place a Quick Order to do so!

1️⃣Head over to

2️⃣Login with your username and password? Can’t remember your member id? Ask your enroller!

3️⃣While you are there, bookmark the site to your favorites! And check the “keep me signed in” box!

4️⃣Once logged in, click on “Quick Order” in your dashboard to choose what you’d like to order! Or click here -
5️⃣Add to your cart and checkout! YL Go+ members, If you don’t see the free shipping, make sure none of the items you added to your cart are on the exclusions list! Boom!! Enjoy your new items!!


That’s right!! You can win one of THREE Select 30 Oil collections!!! Good luck and happy shopping!

✔️ 5 ENTRIES: be on ER
✔️ 10 ENTRIES: Spend 400 pv in a single order and qualify for the promos
✔️ 3 ENTRIES: enroll someone with a Premium Starter Kit in October 
✔️ 1 ENTRY: comment on each Holiday Gift guide post in the PRODUCT GROUP

Once you complete each, comment on this post with DONE!!!!

We can’t wait to surprise THREE of you with these amazing Select 30 kits!!!!

Need more gifts ideas?! Click here for our Holiday Gift Guide!

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