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Essential oils come from the glorious, aromatic life force of most shrubs, plants, herbs, flowers, trees, roots and seeds. They are typically extracted using a steam distillation process that keeps their properties intact. They can then be used to support vibrant health and vitality!

Oils can be used in three simple ways: internally through ingesting (our favorite way is to add a drop to our glass water bottle!), topically (we love to apply with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil) and aromatically (diffusers are the best!!).

Three words: Seed to Seal! This promise is what helped us choose Young Living and what we stand by when sharing with friends and family. You can read about the five steps to make the most pristine oils on earth right here.

When you sign up with any member of the Golden Drop Society you will get to be a part of this amazing community of mothers, fathers, grandparents, men and women who all have a common goal of living a life full of natural beauty, health and wellness. You will have access to our exclusive password-protected website, monthly classes, exclusive Facebook group with educational content M-F, a monthly magazine sent straight to your inbox, private instagram and loads of support! See more about the community here or follow our hashtag #goldendropsociety.

We offer business classes, a private business facebook group with loads of support and ideas as well as individual support. Take a look at the 2015 Income disclosure to see the wealth of opportunity available to you! We love this company, their efforts to change lives with the Young Living Foundation and getting to share wellness, purpose and abundance with others.

This is Young Living's FREE loyalty program. Want to build up your oils collection, order probiotics and kid's vitamins, beauty supplies and more on a budget? This is a no-brainer! Learn more about the benefits of Essential Rewards, here!

Ready to get started?! Yes! Click here to see our glorious Premium Starter Kits (hands down the best value + you get a FREE diffuser + wholesale membership!). Once you have decided on your preferred diffuser + kit, make sure to click on the leader page to get signed up with whoever sent you here or just ask them for their link!