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Instagram: @jkidddesigns


Location: Albany, GA

Hi! My name is Jenna Kidd and I am a Registered Nurse at Sibley Heart Center Cardiology. It is a pediatric cardiology clinic with Children's Health Care of Atlanta that serves southwest Georgia and surrounding cities. I help pediatric patients with congenital heart disease on an outpatient basis and absolutely love my job and the company I work for! I am a crafter, jewelry maker/designer, Christ follower, a wife to a very patient, wonderful man, and a mother to two very rowdy, loving, and handsome little boys. I am originally from Ivey, GA (outside of Macon, GA) but currently reside in my husband's home town of Albany. We have 3 dogs and spend a lot of our weekends at our family's plantation in Newton, GA.

My families journey with essential oils began when this mom was at her absolute wits end about what to do next in the health and well being of our family. Essential oils have been that for us! My son's respiratory system has been supported and our over well being enhanced. So thankful. Also I found a network of other like minded wives and mamas that have been willing to help out and support my journey. The wellness community aspect of the Golden Drop Society has been HUGE!! Essential oils have provided my family with the answers to what's next and I feels secure in the fact that they are all natural. Since using the oils daily, I have other success stories that have amazed me and my fellow co-workers. I would love to share this experience and incredible community with you!

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