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photograph by  K&Rphotography

photograph by K&Rphotography

Executive Leader

instagram: @kcessentials 


location: South Georgia

Hey! I'm Kristin, and I'm thrilled you stopped by! I'm a church staffer, working with preschool and elementary ministries, and I truly believe that kids say the funniest, darndest things. My husband Adam and I are Alabama born, but as newlyweds, we have made South Georgia home. We love opening our home, cooking, hosting, and are firm believers that the best conversations happen around the table. 

While hesitant about essential oils in the beginning, I'm so thankful the Lord brought them into our lives. "There has to be another way" was a continuous thought for me when it came to our health, wellness, and caring for our home. Essential oils have been that way, and we couldn't have done it without the Golden Drop community! I'd love to help you with your own journey to more natural living.

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