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Oils + Emotions

Oils + Emotions! Tips for using oils for "all the feels."

*Members Only* A library of our favorite oils for dealing with an array of feelings from overwhelm to worry. All.the.feels.



What: a calming blend of citrus oils, patchouli and spruce that calms the mind and emotions!

Where: we love to make a P&C roller our favorite carrier and apply to the wrists, neck and chest. 

Why: to work with the mind and body to promote feelings of relaxations and peace, releasing worry and stress. Supports our natural ability access the 'zen'.

How: Apply diluted 1:1 as mentioned above, diffuse alone or with orange, lavender or other calming oils, make a linen or lullaby spray, wear as a perfume!



What: a bright and happy oil that is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit making it alkaline instead of acidic.

Where: we love pairing lemon with other oils and applying liberally over the heart, on the wrists, sides of the neck, anywhere!

Why: a wonderful fresh smelling oil that helps release feelings of sadness, emptiness and fear and tap into the vibrancy of life.

How: Dilute 1:1 with a carrier and apply as mentioned, pair with other citrus oils and Stress Away in a Sunshine Roller, diffuse! Avoid direct sunlight after topical use.


white angelica

What: an uplifting blend known as the friend of those walking through many emotions, struggles, and pressures.

Where: we apply to the shoulders, along the spine, on the wrists, behind the ears, at the base of the neck.

Why: this powerful blend helps the mind find a renewed sense of strength and wholeness, neutralize negativity, shame and weakness.

How: Apply directly (we love to add a roller top!), add to a handful of epsom salts for a relaxing bath, diffuse alone or with orange or lavender in the evening.



What: an uplifting blend of citrus and floral oils that invites joy and togetherness when worn or diffused.

Where: we love applying Joy directly over the heart, to the wrists, wearing as a perfume, as a part of the Unicorn Roller!

Why: our favorite for releasing sadness, feeling alive in little moments, finding purpose. This blend is good for releasing misery, worry, discouragement, grief.

How: Apply directly, pair with citrus oils, inhale directly from the bottle and repeat positive affirmations, diffuse with frankincense or bergamot + tangerine!



What: an incredibly grounding oil with huge historical significance that uplifts the spirit and improves mood.

Where: apply this supportive oil over the heart, to the crown of the head, behind the ears. Also great for the skin!

Why: our favorite oil for grounding the emotions, finding a place of worth, enhancing spiritual awareness and calming the mind.

How: Apply directly as mentioned, diffuse with Joy, Stress Away or Lavender, especially during prayer or meditation, pair with copaiba for extra zen vibes.



What: an incredibly uplifting yet calming oil that is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit, making it alkaline.

Where: apply to the neck, wrists, chest, add to a Peace & Calming roller, or pair it with Release and wear as a perfume!

Why: our favorite to add to roller balls, we also love orange in the diffuser to help promote relaxation and to help everyone in the house mellow out!

How: Dilute 1:1 with a carrier and apply as mentioned, diffuse with other favorites  (Joy, Black Spruce, P&C even lavender)! We avoid direct sunlight after topical use.



What:  a powerful blend of oils for releasing toxic feelings, anger or bitterness.

Where: apply directly to the front of the throat (that place that tightens just before the tears burst through!!), over the heart.

Why: to help your mind and spirit let go of the negative and access the positive. This blend is good for releasing fear, holding back, and feeling wrong.

How: Apply directly as mentioned above, diffuse alone or with other emotionally supportive oils, make a Unicorn Roller. Apply liberally and frequently!


stress away

What: a relaxing blend of vanilla, copaiba and lime that instantly transports the mind to white sand and waves.

Where: we keep our Stress Away roller with us at all times! Apply to the wrists, neck, chest, anywhere!

Why: for encouraging feelings of tranquility and peace (for adults and littles!), for relieving normal everyday stress and nervous tension.

How: Attach the roller top from your kit directly to your bottle and apply liberally and frequently! Diffuse alone or with peppermint, lavender or citrus oils.



What: a blend formulated specifically to enable the mind to relax and release physical and emotional trauma.

Where: apply to the wrists, neck, temples, over the abdomen, on the bottom of the feet. This is a great perfume oil!

Why: to help us work through unmet expectations, life transitions, difficult experiences and other powerful emotions. We love this one in the Unicorn Roller!

How: Dilute 1:4 with carrier and apply frequently and liberally as mentioned, diffuse. We avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours after topical use.

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